We’re proud to offer a range of expertly delivered service packages in-store to make sure that your e-scooter is ready for action, day after day.

Official electric scooter Repair Centre for


We also repair other scooter brands, if those don’t have specific
problems with parts, for which we are not specialized.


Expert workshop technicians are fully qualified and accredited, with incredible depth of knowledge and experience in mechanical and can fix most if not all
your electric scooter problems like tire punctures, electrical faults,
shaky handlebars, brake repairs, etc.

The warranty for ULTRON electric scooters is 1 year!

The warranty for spare parts is 6 months and it is provided only if they are installed in our authorized service centers. Otherwise, the warranty for spare parts does not apply and cannot be returned/exchanged.

Warranty service rules

  1. During the warranty period, the Seller provides free repair of the sold Goods.
  2. Warranty service, quality control of goods and repairs are carried out by authorized representatives of the seller, the address and phone number are indicated on the website in the section “Warranty and Service”
  3. The warranty is valid if there is a correctly completed Warranty Card indicating the serial number of the Goods (if provided by the manufacturer), the date of sale, seal (if any) and the signature of the Seller, the signature of the Buyer and documents confirming the fact of the purchase of the goods (cash / sales receipt).
  4. The warranty period is 1 year for the device, 6 months for the battery (battery), 14 days for accessories and is calculated from the date of sale of the product.
  5. When contacting, the Buyer is obliged to submit a written claim indicating the nature and manifestations of the malfunction.
  6. Acceptance of the Goods is drawn up by the “Device Acceptance Act”, which records the reason for the appeal and possible malfunctions. The actual malfunction or its absence is determined after diagnosis.
  7. If the case is recognized as a warranty, the Goods are repaired free of charge. The warranty period is extended for the time the Goods are in repair.
  8. If the Buyer’s claims are recognized as unfounded, the goods are returned to the Buyer along with a conclusion on the reasons for refusing warranty repairs.
  9. If the Buyer does not agree with the conclusion, the Buyer has the right to carry out, at his own expense, an independent examination for the refusal of warranty repair.
  10. The warranty for replaced components expires together with the warranty for the Product.
  11. The right to warranty service is lost in the following cases:
  • a) the protective signs of the manufacturer or the Seller are damaged on the Goods: stickers, holograms, seals, etc.
  • b) there is no Warranty Card, or the warranty card contains corrections not certified by the Seller.
  • c) the serial number of the Goods is missing or impossible to read (damaged, painted over, deleted).
  • d) traces of repair, modernization, violation of the rules for the operation of the Goods were found: traces of overheating, violation of the integrity of components, damage to the surface of printed circuit boards, etc.
  • e) damage was found caused by incorrect connection to the mains or external equipment.
  • e) the use of abnormal modes of operation of the Product or its components is detected.

12. Warranty service does not cover the following faults:

  • a) mechanical damage, both internal and external.
  • 6) damage caused by ingress of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects or animals inside the Product, leakage of electrolyte supplying the battery.
  • c) damage caused by non-compliance with State standards of parameters of power, telecommunication, cable networks.
  • d) failure to comply with the terms and period of technical and preventive maintenance (if it is necessary for this Product)
  1. The Seller is not responsible for direct or indirect damage caused to the Buyer during the operation of the Goods, as well as for damage caused by the inability to use the Goods.
  2. The Seller is not responsible for the dissatisfaction of the Buyer’s subjective expectations from the use of the purchased Goods.

Warranty and post-warranty service

From the moment of sale until the end of the warranty period, in case of problems with your electric vehicle, you must contact the service center indicated below.

Initial diagnostics and inspection of electric vehicles will establish possible causes of breakdown or malfunction. Based on this diagnosis, a decision is made on paid or warranty repair. In case of violation of the operating conditions or damage to the device by the buyer, repairs will be paid. Provided that the cause of the malfunction is determined as a factory defect, the repair will be free.

If your city does not have our service center or there are any difficulties, please contact us by phone 011-2613 0774 or in the feedback form below.

  • Repairs are carried out in our authorized service centers.

  • Repairs are carried out only by highly qualified and certified specialists.

  • We carry out repairs of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

In order to enjoy e-scooters fully and for a long time, ULTRON SCOOTER strongly advise you the correct use of scooters, check-up that should be carried out (just like by any other vehicles) once every 1000km or every 6 months.

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